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Color Identification

cropped-web_hi_res_5123.pngColor Identification is a simple application for recognize color names. The application provides HTML (CSS color), the RGB designation and RAL code of the checked area.
Color Identification also finds the name of color. App also has list of colors (over 1500 colors) with searching by name.

Basic functions:

– Live recognition of colors;
– HTML color (css color) code (HEXa);
– RGB color code;
– RAL color identification;
– LIst of colors (over 1500 color names with example, HTML code and RGB indication);
– Searching color by name;
– List of RAL colors;
– Finding the name of the color similar to the current color;
– Recognize RAL color;
– Showing the example of a recognized and named color.

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See our app on Google Play Store:

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